Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Taste Of Happiness

I am suree everyone...of us...
Has tasted the Happiness...
This happiness...is like...success...to everyone..
It comes..and goes...

But we never ever forget ...Its taste..
When we are depressed...
This taste of happiness...is the only..thing..
Which...can give us...that dazzling smile...
It is when we remember...those...moments..
We try ta feell this delicious..taste of Happiness..
This delicacy fills..our hearts with joy...thrill...

This taste...of happiness...is visible....
In our eyes...twinkling...with shine...
It makes..each of so look so beautiful...

Does anyone...know..the best part..of this yummy taste..of happiness..
Its highly contagious.......
It spreads...n spreads....
It brings smile...to all those...sad..hearts...

This taste..of Happiness...
is in sacrificing for others’ sake..
is in giving up your chance to someone,...who most needs it...
is in waiting for someone...
is in walking in the rain...
But I realised.....
Life is very bad....widout this taste of Happiness....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Dream I saw One Night Ago

Today as I got up in the morning ,the flash back of the horrible dream i saw was going on continously in my mind.I could not think of anything except that.I had to rush for my industrial training but all I could think were the flash scenes "PURPLE BUS" "A MURDER" "SOMETHING WHICH WOULD EVEN SHOCK YOU".I started washing my face in washroom ,and then I realised I was crying like hell.I was voluntarily trying to control my tears which I couldn't.
I kept asking myself what is the reason for me not able control my tears but had no answer.Anyway I know u might be thinking what that dream was which was so tragic and scary.
It goes like this.I was about to reach my house I saw some men trying to stab a man and bleed him to death.I was actually frozen with shock and fear.The sight was horrible, all blood blood everywhere.My instant reaction was I screamed.I ran to save my life as anyone would have done not much to my surprise.Four different kinds of knives behind me,It was actually very scary in my dream,And each of men dangerous than butcher.
I tried to contact police or someone through my cell but as we say all problems come with a blow.My cell had swtiched off due to low battery.I got a place to hide but just for sometime.It was everything happening with me which actually happens in movies specially the end part.
I forgot to tell you about the purple bus I mentioned in the beginning.Actually I and my all cousins and family members were going for a picnic to Goa And the bus we had hired was that Purple Bus.That Bus is very vivid in my dreams,the reason you would come to know from my ahead lines.Finally,I kind of escaped those people by getting into a car whose door was open,luckily.But I dont know how.May be these are dreams,hypothetical.Then as i got into the car to hide,I saw the purple bus in which all my cousins and other family was seated coming towards me.And before I could realise and act to the situation ,The bus had crashed my car.And the last i remembered was the loud sound.And this was the first part of my dream.
Then i suddenly saw myself in a house.I could hear loud sounds of crying and yelling.When i walked from the room towards the hall.I could see 3-4 dead bodies lying on the ground.And all my realtives crying and crying.The three dead bodies face were uncovered.Those were my cousins and relatives.I could not understand what had happened actually.I was not able to recollect anything which had happened after the accident.Everyone was so depressed that no one was responding to my question of what happened after the accident?.Even my mother,father and everyone.Then I wanted to know who was my 4th cousin who was dead.The face was uncovered..................It was me whose body was lying down.....I was the one who had even died...................

Monday, June 14, 2010

My New Craze And Passion For Football

As everybody knows the World Cup for the very most passionate game in the whole world has begun i.e.soccer.It was a quite awaiting moment for many.But not for me until unless yesterday.The first day opening match seemed very boring to me as such.It was between the home team SOUTH AFRICA AND MEXICO.The match ended in a draw.It put down the expectations of so many fans of football which were actually awaiting a very amazing and exciting opening.
The match which actually changed my thinking and views to this game was the match between GERMANY AND AUSTRALIA.Germany got their World Cup campaign off to a flying start with a dominating display as they won 4-0 against 10-man Australia in Durban.The German men were actually really the stars in the game.The way they actually blocked australia from getting the ball in their court was quite a good scene ta watch for.I being a beginner in watching these matches,am not at all feeling such way after that match.According to me the mind blowing players in the team are Podolski And Klose.Lukas Podolski opened their account in the eighth minute Miroslav Klose doubled the lead at around the 27th minute.Germany captain Philipp Lahm has claimed the current side is better than the one that almost reached the World Cup final four years ago.

The another must watch game which I felt was between ARGENTINA AND SOUTH KOREA on 17th JUNE 2010.Argentina played just superb.My expectations from all the football matches have increased quite a lot.Lets hope the best team just gets the jackpot.
I would also like to say my blog column is not at all restricted to any single topic.Keep checking my column for amazing thoughts and ideas which take a toll of my mind.

Friday, June 4, 2010

List Of Drugs Banned Outside But Still Available In India

Hi,everyone.I wanted to share some information about drugs which are banned outside India but still available in India.Firstly i would like to provide you with some knowledge,just an outline about drugs and allopathy.Allopathy deals with drugs of chemical(synthetic) and also natural origin.Eg:CROCIN this is the Brand Name of thedrug launched by gsk(glaxo smith kline),Its active constituent is PARACETAMOLwhich is used to treat fever,used as a pain killer etc.There are over more than 200 brands of only paracetamol all over world like Calpol etc.Now paracetamol has some side effects and adverse effects(in large doses).Liver damage is most common if continued for a long time.But paracetamol has very rare side effects.Now here is the list of some common drugs we used in daily life which are actually banned.

This is a pain-killer. Reason for ban: Bone marrow depression.
Brand name : Novalgin
____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

Acidity, constipation. Reason for ban : irregular heartbeat
Brand name : Ciza, Syspride
____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

Anti-depressant. Reason for ban : Irregular heartbeat.
Brand name : Droperol
____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

Antidiarrhoeal. . Reason for ban : Cancer.
Brand name : Furoxone, Lomofen

___________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

Painkiller, fever. Reason for ban : Liver failure.
Brand name : Nise, Nimulid
____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

Antibacterial cream.
Reason for ban :Cancer..
Brand name : Furacin
____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

Laxative. Reason for ban : Cancer.
Brand name : Agarol
____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

PHENYLPROPANOLAMINE : cold and cough. Reason for ban : stroke. Brand name : D'cold, Vicks Action-500
____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Reason for ban : Bone marrow depression.
Brand name : Sioril
____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

Anti-worms. Reason for ban : Nerve damage.
Brand name : Piperazine
____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

Anti-diarrhoeal. Reason for ban : Damage to sight.
Brand name : Enteroquinol

I would like to mention one more drug i.e. Disprin(Aspirin) which can also lead to heart stroke but is not banned as yet.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A True Incident

I would like to share with everyone a true incident which was narrated to me by my late grandfather.My grandfather used to stay in Sindh(presently a part of Pakistan).He used to work in a factory with many of his co-workers.I am damn sure after reading this incident you would be taken aback and it may happen that u may not even believe in this incident.But it is true.One morning(9.16am) when my grandfather was busy with his co-worker Shyam in some work,Aparna(Shyam's daughter) came running,gasping for breath,her eyes red in shock and tears "Amma passed away few minutes ago" she said with pain.Shyam felt as if earth had moved beneath his feet.

When he went to burn her wife's dead body ,(10.32am)Her wife Anuradha came back to life.All the mouths were open with shock and terror as if some kind of evil had occupied Anuradha's body.But it was true that Anuradha herself had come back to life again.You might be thinking how is it possible?No one can ever play with laws of nature.So lets go back in time to see what had actually happened.(9.05am) Anuradha was busy with her morning chores while two men wearing black gowns appeared from somewhere."Your time is over,you have to come with us" said one of them."But how is that possible,I have my husband and children to take care of"."No,now your sole has to leave this body to come in heaven" as they said and removed Anuradha's sole from her body.

(Anuradha was at the gate of heaven where she saw a Man(supposed to be Chitragupt) with a big sheet of paper rolled in grands.It was list of all the people living and their date and time of death."Oh Lord,what have u people done?how can u people make such a blunder mistake?I had said to bring (Anuradha's neighbor)Meena's sole and you brought Anuradha's.Now go and leave her back before her relatives burn her body" said that man.As Anuradha was about to leave "Amma.....Amma.....how you here?" a voice echoed from inside the gate of heaven and a girl in twenties appeared in front of Anuradha.Anuradha was full of tears seeing her.Now let me tell you one more thing that this girl was Anuradha's daughter Smriti who died after 1year of her marriage."Ohh...Smriti you...you.......................I have always missed you dear" said Anuradha with tears rolling down from her eyes.As one of the men in their black gowns interrupted their conversation,"Hey,you can meet your daughter again after you really die,I think we should rush before your relatives burn your body".

"Amma...wait....I have something to tell, when i was alive you had taken 1kg rice from me which you forgot to return me" said Smriti in a hurry.Anuradha said "I do not have anything to give you in return or pay for it right now,I would give it to your mother-in-law when I am back to earth" said Anuradha."You have to pay for it right now to the person you had borrowed it from and right here." said Chitragupt."What?How is that possible?" said Anuradha."You have to cut and give flesh from a part of your body equal to the amount of 1kg rice".Then a part of Anuradha's thigh was cut equal to 1kg rice.And she returned in her body before her body was burnt.And after sometime her neighbor died as was decided.This incident teaches us many many things.Firstly we learn one thing that if u borrow,steal anything from someone or hurt someone or commit a sin you have to pay for it anyhow.